This is the English (abridged) version of our webgallery of pictures from the trip to Wisconsin and U.P. It contains the same pictures as the Slovak version plus a few words to make navigation easier. It does not contain our comments, though :( . 

On the right there is a selection of 32 pictures for those, who would like to get a quick picture without further browsing. Credits for some pictures go to Donna.

If you'd like to see all 92 pictures, follow the structured links below.

Highlands Camp for boys, Plum Lake, WI (32 pictures). We spent 3 nights at the camp having a lot of fun and "first time ever" activities. Our thanks to Donna and Craig. This part is further structured into:

Lake Superior (60 pictures). We visited a couple of places at the Lake and its vicinity.

Google Earth users: You can explore the places we visited by clicking on the following link (kmz file). It contains placemarks with pictures (comments are in Slovak) : |