Dynamic Geometry Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to get started with dynamic geometry. If you have some experience with GSP or Cabri, you might not need it. I suggest to leaf through it anyway as it shows some differences between GSP/Cabri and our Java assignments.

The tutorial consists of several mini-lessons, each of which will take just a few minutes to complete. If we are using Cabri Jr. or Cabri in class, I will distribute Cabri/Cabri Jr. files that contain identical assignments as in this tutorial. Open them and solve them concurrently with solving assignments on this website.

If you make a mistake, you can go back a few steps by hitting the undo button . If you want to start over, hit your browser's RELOAD button.

Make sure you record all questions you have as I will be answering them in one of our lab sessions.

All Java applets were created using the open-source software C.a.R. by Rene Grothmann. Be patient as you may have to wait a while before the first applet is displayed. If an error message appears instead of an applet, hit your browser's RELOAD butoon.

Lesson 1: Drawing, Labeling and Changing Appearance of Objects

Lesson 2: Panning and Zooming the Viewing Area

Lesson 3: Hiding and Unhiding

Lesson 4: Grabbing and Moving

Lesson 5: Marking a Point at an Intersection of Several Objects

Lesson 6: Circle Tool and Compass

If you would like to practice more, or you are interested to learn more about advanced features of these Java Applets, go to Rene Grothman's tutorials. If you are looking for an extended practice of what you have just learnt here, start with Elementary Tools on the left side of the webpage.